10-Piece *Limited Edition* New Year's Resolutions Winter Color Kit

  • $36.40
  • $52.00

This season's theme is New Year's Resolutions! We at Halo couldn’t be more ready to welcome the New Year, with an eye toward self improvement and a little self care. And while we’re all working to better ourselves, why not have nails as aspirational as we are? Halo’s winter kit will have you chasin’ your dreams with:

- Pearls of Wisdom: a pearly white to inspire your search for greater meaning
- Kick Ash: a near black-gray to help unleash the ambitious badass in you
- Mauve Your Body: a stormy purple to honor those of you who will be getting off the couch in 2021
- Get Orchid-ized: for the Marie Kondo lover, a frosty-purple that will help you get your house in order
What's Inside: 
  • Set of 4 Halo 10-Free Polishes 
  • One 5-Free Halo 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat Combo
  • One 2oz bottle of Soy-based nail polish remover
  • File, buffer & lint remover wipes (use these to keep those light colors staying bright!)
  • AKA everything you need for a total at-home mani-makeover!