What we do while our nails are drying

The hardest part of perfecting your at-home manicure is waiting for your nails to dry. At Halo Hand HQ, we think we've finally perfected our self manicure painting techniques. But, somehow, we still manage to mess up our nails with our impatience to wait while they dry. 

Our polish takes ~20-30 minutes to dry fully without the help of any dryers, and our team has come up with some creative ways to pass the time, hands-free. Here are our favorite tips for what to do while our nails are drying! 

Watch Our Favorite 30 Minute Shows

  • Sitcoms: 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Friends, The Good Place
  • British: Lovesick, Catastrophe, Fleabag
  • Reality: The Circle (ok this one's more like 45-minutes, but worth it), Selling Sunset/Million Dollar Beach House (do you want east or west coast luxury real estate?), 
  • Drama: Barry, Russian Doll, Glow
  • Comedy: Atlanta, Dave, Master of None

Listen to Our Favorite 30 Minute Podcasts

  • The Daily, Skimm'd From the Couch, CYG, Dear Sugars

Hands-Free Activities

  • Meditate - get your zen on, and get yourself into your body without messing up those nails
  • Take a Walk - try a different route each time until you find your favorite new neighborhood spots (pro-tip, make sure to put your shoes on before you start painting your nails). If you have a furry friend, we suggest leaving them at home for this type of walk since your leash may present some challenges
  • NYT Crossword Puzzle - ok, so this one involves hands but if you use the NYT crossword app on your phone (there's a free or subscription option) you should still be able to type the answers to these crosswords in without disturbing your manicure. If you're a purist who prefers to write in your answers, just be careful holding the pen, and make sure to open up the paper before you start painting 

If you have a favorite way to pass the time while your nails dry, tell us in the comments to add to our list!