What the f$@! is a buffer?

Ever feel mystified by the concept of the buffer block?

At Halo Hand, we give you a buffer block in every kit to help you achieve your perfect at-home mani, but we realize, many of you still have a lot of questions about buffing. Mainly, what is it and why do I need it?

We're here to answer all your burning buffing questions. 

What is buffing?

Buffing is the practice of smoothing out your nails in preparation for your manicure. 

Why a buffer block?

It's important to buff to prep your nails, leaving a blank canvas for your paint. Using a soft buffer block is what we recommend, while many may use the flat edge of a nail file. We've found that files are often too hard and abrasive, and can lead to scratching and damaging of the nail & nail bed.

Is buffing good for my nails?

Yes, using a soft surface buffer will help circulate the blood in your fingertips, making your nails appear shinier and helping your manicure last longer.

How do I buff my best?

A few swipes to a clean (no paint) nail with medium pressure should do the trick, no need to press down hard to get all the positive effects. We've also found this can help clear away some of the residue of any overgrown cuticles, which is great if you have sensitive or cracking cuticles and don't want to cut them (we recommend this as a healthy, sanitary alternative in place of cutting them altogether, if you can avoid it!)