Unpolished Episode 1

Welcome to Unpolished! This is the little IGTV series we’ve been doing on our Instagram, where we bringing on great people to have fun chats over a home manicure sesh.
We painted our nails while talking school, the direction of the consumer economy, burnout, and nail polish! This is Noah’s first time doing his own nails, and it’s a lighthearted and fun experience–check out our conversation here

Noah is a student at Brown University studying Economics and Applied Mathematics, and has a passion for sustainable investment and business growth. With his exciting new summer internship, he will be exploring many different angles of business sustainability, beyond just environmental impact. He’ll help guide companies to make more responsible decisions across the board, that will do right by all parties in the long run while helping them realize their financial goals.

We talk about school, about the impact of COVID-19 on school and burnout, and Noah discovers how difficult it is to paint with the non-dominant hand!!!
I used After Dusk and Pearls of Wisdom, while Noah raved over Partly Cloudy. Noah notes how consumers really pay attention to the quality of their products now, and care about where they come from. We talk about how we’re proud to stand behind a brand like Halo Hand that commits and delivers on radically clean nail polish that is always nontoxic and 10-free (of the most common chemicals found in nail polish), and is vegan and cruelty-free as well. All our polishes are also ethically produced in the US, with our team extremely devoted and involved in the process from start to finish.

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