To Base Coat or Not To Base Coat?

That is the question. But, what is the answer? 

We know that when you're just trying to give your nails a quick punch up, the thought of painting coat after coat can just feel downright laborious. It's so tempting to skip the base coat - after all, does base coat really make a difference? We're weighing in on the age old debate: do we really need a base coat for our manicures? 

In Defense of Base Coat

  • The best way to get an even coat with uniform color is to add base coat - it's like adding a primer when you paint your walls, it evens the playing field on your nails for every stroke 
  • This is the bond that keeps your color lasting it's longest - it gives your polish something to stick to!
  • It's a little barrier of protection that helps to keep your nails strong & healthy

When You Can Skip 

  • You're just touching up in the last few days before you get an in-salon manicure (if you don't intend on the manicure to last as long as you can stretch for, you can skip) 
  • You're just repainting one nail on an already old manicure - looking to extend the life of your manicure by 1 or 2 days by fixing up just one nail, you're OK to skip the base coat (although, keep in mind that your pointer fingers get the most action, and are most likely to chip first)

Want the shiny, natural look?

  • Try just base coat and skip the color this time

All Halo Hand Color Kits come with our Top & Base Coat combo included