The 3 Hottest Nail Trends this Spring

Abstract Wavy Nail - Halo Hand Summer Trends Abstract Wavy Nail - Halo Hand Summer Trends 

The Abstract Wavy Nail

This mani has been all over socials this spring! It's so classy, versatile, and fun: you can make it as eye-catching, or as subtle as you'd like—the shades are up to you. Opt for a classic single color, or blend this trend with the skittle mani trend below for a more exciting look!

Shade suggestions: White Hot, and/or any shade from the NEW Spring Fling Collection

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Groovy Graphic Flowers - Halo Hand Summer Nail Trends

Groovy Graphic Flowers

2021 is definitely taking fashion and beauty inspiration from the 1960s. Simply pull out a toothpick and these dainty florals can be yours. Try them on just one accent nail or across all of them if you're feeling particularly groovy.

Shade suggestions: Get Orchid-ized, Pass the Post-It, Moss, Halo Pink, White Hot, Basic

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Spring Skittle Mani - Spring Nail Trends Halo Hand

The Spring Skittle

The Skittle mani features different shades on each finger, and has been taking the past year by storm: first with some sultry, more muted shades in the fall and winter, and now with brighter colors and classic pastels, the spring skittle is definitely one of the simplest and chic-est manis to rock this season.

Shade suggestions: The Limited Edition Spring Collection, Partly Cloudy, Get Orchid-ized, Moss, Clay, Halo Pink

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