Our Favorite Trend - The Ombre Mani

While not a new trend, the ombre mani is one our our favorite ways to spice up your manicure routine. 🌶

With all this time on our hands (pun intended) during quarantine, we’ve been experimented to uncover what separates a great ombre manicure from the pack. Here are our favorite tips & tricks for nailing that ombre mani.

Firstly - what is an ombre manicure? While some of our fancier friends are able to “ombre” every individual nail and paint from a lighter color into a darker color, or vice versa, creating a true ombre’d effect, we just aren’t that handy. The easy ombre manicure we love involves painting each nail a different color from the same family and graduating from lighter to darker nail-by-nail.

Within our simple, staple, Halo Hand palette, we have some color combos that are sure to make your ombre manicure stand-out.

You’ve Got The Blues: White Hot, Partly Cloudy, After Dusk

Girly & Pink: Halo Pink, Go to Pink, Flamingo, Red Hot

Earthy Child: Green Juice, Aubergine, Pinot Noir, Truffle

Clean N Simple: White Hot, Pearls of Wisdom (Winter!), Basic, Partly Cloudy

Purple Party: Aubergine, Mauve Your Body (Winter!), Get Orchid-ized (Winter!)

Get all the colors you need for your perfect ombre by building a custom color kit!