Just 'Soy' Yes!

Extra, extra! Exciting announcement from the Halo Hand shop! 

Halo Hand Soy-based nail polish remover is now available for refill orders, no purchase of kit required. At Halo Hand, we're passionate about keeping it clean, and thats why we've crafted our totally clean Soy-based remover, without any acetone. 

Why Go Soy? The top reasons to switch out your old acetone based polish remover for soy-based remover: 

  • Acetone remover is harsh on your nails and can wear them away over time, while drying out your cuticles
  • Soy Remover actually nourishes your nails while you remove color 
  • It moisturizes your cuticles and strengthens your nails as you use it
  • Added bonus, it won't stink up your home or bathroom while using it, and have that fiery smell you associate with traditional polish remover
Time to make the switch to soy! Fill up on refills now!