8 Reasons to Choose Non-Toxic Nail Polish

At Halo Hand, we believe Non-Toxic nail polish should be the industry standard. As we all begin to understand the health and environmental impacts of traditional nail polish, we believe that prioritizing a better formula is a no-brainer.

Our commitment to doing good for you, your nails, and the planet has led us to develop our 10-Free formula, which means we NEVER use the 10 most common chemicals found in general nail polishes. All of these substances have been linked to adverse health effects and negative environmental impact. Plus, we're vegan & cruelty free.

Here's a little more on Non-Toxic polishes:

  1. It's less invasive.
    1. Gentler formulas won’t penetrate your nail beds, which can disrupt you internally. When this happens with toxic polish, it's been seen to affect your metabolism or hormones, and sometimes disrupt your organ functions.
  2. Non-Toxic Polishes don't smell as much.
    1. They won’t emit nearly as much of that awful chemical-y odor that lingers forever and gives headaches!
  3. Won't contaminate the nearby soil and groundwater
    1. Toxic nail polishes are flammable, and are considered toxic waste that can easily ooze into, contaminate, and harm nearby resources.
  4. Won't damage nearby ecosystems
    1. When the harmful chemicals leak into the nearby environment from our thrown out cotton pads and old nail polish bottles, or from chips, they can damage the delicate balance of many species and crucial habitats in the area.
  5. They perform just as well as their toxic counterparts
    1. And ours have been tested again and again to be crazy long lasting and chip-resistant.
  6. They are NOT carcinogenic
  7. They don’t harm or stain your nails like toxic polishes would
  8. You can feel and look great.
    1. There's nothing better than having stunning nails, and feeling radiant from the inside out. With a non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty formula, you can enjoy your best mani with a clear conscience and with a healthy mind and nails.

Have you made the commitment to use Non-Toxic only?

Be sure to let us know what you think about Non-Toxic Nail Polish, and check out our latest collection here: https://www.halo-hand.com/products/limited-release-retro-summer-fan-favorites