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  • 8 Reasons to Choose Non-Toxic Nail Polish

    At Halo Hand, we believe Non-Toxic nail polish should be the industry standard. As we all begin to understand the health and environmental impacts of traditional nail polish, we believe that prioritizing a better formula is a no-brainer. Our commitment to doing good for you, your nails, and the ...
  • The 3 Hottest Nail Trends this Spring

       The Abstract Wavy Nail This mani has been all over socials this spring! It's so classy, versatile, and fun: you can make it as eye-catching, or as subtle as you'd like—the shades are up to you. Opt for a classic single color, or blend this trend with the skittle mani trend below for a more exc...
  • Unpolished Episode 1

    Welcome to Unpolished! This is the little IGTV series we’ve been doing on our Instagram, where we bringing on great people to have fun chats over a home manicure sesh.We painted our nails while talking school, the direction of the consumer economy, burnout, and nail polish! This is Noah’s first ...
  • Our Favorite Trend - The Ombre Mani

    While not a new trend, the ombre mani is one our our favorite ways to spice up your manicure routine. 🌶 With all this time on our hands (pun intended) during quarantine, we’ve been experimented to uncover what separates a great ombre manicure from the pack. Here are our favorite tips & tricks...
  • Treat Yourself: The Small Business Gift Guide ❤️✨

    Congrats! You made it through 2020. You deserve a break and some clean beauty and proper self care as we head into 2021.
  • For Mom: The Small Business Gift Guide ❤️✨

    Whether she's your mom, your wife, or your friend, here are some special gifts for all the mommas in your life!

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